Philosophy of Business

By David Oyler


From Day One: This workshop is ostensibly about business ethics. It actually is broader than that. It deals with topics in the philosophy of business, focusing on business practices and setting the context for a discussion of business ethics on the last day. Each day will consist of a short presentation to initiate discussion with the core of the discussion’s meaning centering on authenticity and its role in institutions, primarily business. The first day starts with a discussion concerning process and situation in business and how a critical realist understanding of these takes us beyond systems theory and its impacts in process re-engineering to the ground of business process. It is this ground that is overlooked in the re-engineering and downsizing that can smash through a workforce like a sledgehammer or that is enhanced in the authentic concern for service, product, productivity and profits. The second day will focus on the formal and informal organizations of business and the role of dialectic in understanding business. The third day we will discuss management. The fourth day we will discuss the authentic organization and ethics. Throughout the four days, the role of technology, especially computers, will be discussed. A practical and strategic model for understanding the role and development of computer systems in business will be discussed.

Day     Name
One   Process and Situation: Beyond Systems and Re-engineering   PDF   Word
Two   Dialectic and Busness   PDF   Word
Three   Management - Fostering Authenticity in Business   PDF   Word
Four   Authenticity and Business   PDF   Word